Please consider joining us for a very enjoyable Contest this weekend. The Virginia QSO Party 2019 will take place Saturday (10AM – Midnight EDT) and Sunday (8AM to 8PM EDT). There were over 400 Logs submitted last year, so there should be plenty of activity.

You can find all the information here      If you have any trouble with the Link, Please do a Web search using “VA QSO Party 2019” and you should get to the right Page.

There are 26 nice plaques up for grabs, including several for out-of VA and DX Stations. I host the plaque for the most VA Counties and Cities worked. There are 95 Counties and  38 Independent Cities in VA.

Please join us. This is a Contest but many of the operators are not heavily involved in Contesting. So the pace is easy and anyone that wants to play is welcome and appreciated.

There is a spotting Network and a live APRS Tracker for many Mobile and Portable stations, developed specifically for use in this Contest. All the details can be found using the Link above.