This Page is for the development of the KG3V Antenna Decoder (AntDecoder). This project is for controlling antenna switching equipment in a Contest Station using a PC with N1MM+ Contest Logging Software. The AntDecoder will decode the Antenna Select Data output from N1MM+ and drives two BCD ports for controlling a 2X6 Antenna Switch, allowing software-driven selection of any of 6 antennas for each of two Radios. The two BCD ports will drive inputs to Antenna Switches that require BCD and/or are compatible with K3 Antenna/Band Data outputs.

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10/18/2017 AntDecoder Status

A hardware prototype has been built ant final software is being developed. The hardware has not yet been connected to any antenna switches or relays. There are still several weeks of work before the initial prototype will be completed and ready to start testing with a 2X6 Antenna Switch.