Ham Links

This page provides Links to what I think are some useful Ham resources.

Ham Personal Sites and General Technical Information

HamRadio.me – a great Blog with a wealth of information from an Antenna Designer. John has many talents and interests, and you can read about them here.

K1RA.US – Andy is always one of the first to bring new Technologies to our Club. He is involved in many aspects of Ham Radio, including being a top competitor in Mobile Roving on VHF/UHF. Also recently put an SDR receiver online that you can access from his Site.

Parts and Equipment Resources

DX Engineering – I use many Ham resources for equipment, but this may be the best. They not only have a complete line of Radios and Antennas, but have recently been adding some equipment by smaller Ham firms. They also have an extensive line of Contesting/Performance products for more serious Operators. They know contesting, because their owner is a world-class contest operator with a Multi-Multi contesting super-station. DX Engineering has an incredible wealth of application information in their App Notes and in many of their manuals.

Ham Radio Outlet – I have used Ham Radio Outlet for purchasing Ham gear for years. They are a solid and dependable provider. They can always help with your technical questions, and carry a huge line of equipment and accessories.

Kits and Parts.com – If you need EMI supplies, such as toroid forms, filters, or capacitors, this a great source. I get forms from them for making RF-rejection toroids that I need for keeping RF out of my mobile equipment.




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