IC-7300 “SEND” signal – Be Careful when using it

There has been an ongoing discussion for quite some time about a reported "RF Tail" on the IC-7300. This report is based upon the fact that the 7300 provides a SEND signal that is supposed to be useful for telling offboard equipment if the 7300 is currently Transmitting or Receiving. Actually there are two of... Continue Reading →

IC-7600 RTTY Settings for MMTTY

I have posted these before, but people keep asking about the settings to use for RTTY on the IC-7600 with MMTTY. So this post provides my latest settings. This article provides my latest MMTTY settings screenshots. I am using it with N1MM+ Contest Logger. If you are having trouble using MMTTY with another program (N1MM+... Continue Reading →

Antenna Damage from Tornado Near-miss

On the morning of August 4th 2020, a Tropical Storm passed through the Northern Neck area in Virginia. The storm sent an EF-2 tornado through our area in White Stone, starting in the Windmill Point area and traveling about 15.5 miles, passing by Kilmarnock. The tornado missed our house by about 1000 feet, but put... Continue Reading →

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