N1MM and Rig Control Macros

I am using my K2 remotely with N1MM for CW operation and Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) for other modes. My problem was that I did not have good rig function control with N1MM. So I fnally started reading the N1MM manual and saw that you can encode rig control functions in the Macros, accessed via... Continue Reading →

Remote Rig Access and CW

I have been using my K2 Station remotely, via Internet, for several months now. It works great but I really want to be able to use my keyer instead of a keyboard for CW. I have seen several people talk about doing this, but have not yet seen anyone actually do it. I know some... Continue Reading →

Finally on-the-air with Remote Station

After working on configuring my Elecraft K2 for remote operation. I am finally on-the-air. I had been using it in receive-only mode while I completed a "dead-man" timer, that would shutdown the transmitter if I ever lose my Internet connection while in transmit mode. This is required by the FCC. It turns out, that remote... Continue Reading →

Remote K2 Power Timeout

Finally completed the power watchdog timer for the K2. This allows me to operate the K2 remotely within compliance of the requirement to have an automated means of shutting down a transmitter if it exceeds 3 minutes on the air. This is an FCC requirement, and you definitely need to be concerned about the possibility... Continue Reading →

First “Remote” QSO Success

I finally got the Transmit audio interface together and connected and started assembling the "dead man" timer. The timer is required on a remote Ham station to stop a runaway transmitter after it is on the air for 3 minutes. Skype seems to work fine for the audio interface in both directions. I got good... Continue Reading →

Remote Audio for Ham Station

I have been using Skype for remote receive audio. That seems to work fine except I have to mute the microphone at the remote location to hear the audio from the rig clearly. So that is what I have been doing. But now I want to setup the transmit audio link from the operating position... Continue Reading →

Remote Rig Timeout Controller

To run a Ham Rig remotely, the FCC requires the ability to shutdown a "runaway" transmitter after no more than 3 minutes of activity. There are several ways to do this. My plan is to use a small Arduino computer board to handle the timeout control function. Here is a basic diagram of the timeout... Continue Reading →

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