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160 meters

160 Meter Inverted “L” Antenna

I have a need to get on 160m occasionally for a contest, but have limited space. I tried a dipole, but it was just too much trouble. I had to bend the ends all around to fit my small lot.... Continue Reading →

Loop-on-Ground, the simplest Receive-Antenna you will ever Build, and it Works

I have been experimenting with some Receive-antennas for the Low HF bands (80 and 160 meters is "low-band" to me). I discovered these popular antennas from other Hams at the Contesting Club (Potomac Valley Radio Club) I belong to. Nearly... Continue Reading →

Trying a “Short” Beverage Antenna on 160m

I wanted to do something to improve my Station performance on 160m, so I thought a Receive Antenna would be the way to go. Everyone tells me that you need a decent RX Antenna for 160m, because you can not... Continue Reading →

Getting into the Game on 160 meters

I have slowly been adding 160 meter Band capability to my Station, mainly in some recent contests. With sunspots so low, and the high HF Bands suffering badly as a result, this seems like a good time to do some... Continue Reading →

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