IC-7300 “SEND” signal – Be Careful when using it

There has been an ongoing discussion for quite some time about a reported "RF Tail" on the IC-7300. This report is based upon the fact that the 7300 provides a SEND signal that is supposed to be useful for telling offboard equipment if the 7300 is currently Transmitting or Receiving. Actually there are two of... Continue Reading →

AntDecoder Testing and Logic Levels

I have been asked about the progress of the AntDecoder project. I have been working with a prototype PC board along with a 2X6 Antenna switch. The antenna switch is a homebrew model made by Mike, K4GMH. Mike was kind enough to provide the switch at minimal cost and also has supported this effort with... Continue Reading →

Updating FTDX-3000 Firmware

I finally decided it was time to update my FTDX-3000 to the latest Firmware. Yaesu has been good about making updates available for this Rig. Recent updates have greatly improved the spectral display including adding a nice waterfall below it, and added access to the 5 MHz Band using the Band buttons on the front... Continue Reading →

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