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LOTW now has 1 Billion QSOs!

I just saw that the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) now contains records of over 1 Billion QSOs. That is impressive. When it started, I wondered if it would survive. It went through a period of slow-response, although I... Continue Reading →

LOTW – Stepping Up to the Challenge

I see the ARRL really is serious about making LOTW a user-friendly, main-stream QSO confirmation tool. Recent delays have been disconcerting, and the infrequent status reports have made it difficult to know what is happening when you submit a Log.... Continue Reading →

LOTW – Ready for Prime Time??

I have been using the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) recently for confirmation of my radio contacts. I like the basic idea very much but I have been having some issues. After a recent contest, I uploaded a Log... Continue Reading →

Logbook of the World – a Great QSL Tool

I recently started using the ARRL's logbook-of-the-world (LOTW) as my primary means of tallying QSO confirmations. The initial setup took a little time, but once you are setup it could not be easier. LOTW provides a nice user interface, making... Continue Reading →

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