Logbook of the World – a Great QSL Tool

I recently started using the ARRL’s logbook-of-the-world (LOTW) as my primary means of tallying QSO confirmations. The initial setup took a little time, but once you are setup it could not be easier. LOTW provides a nice user interface, making it easy to see your progress if you are chasing any awards. The LOTW page shows the number of users and QSOs being entered, and the numbers are staggering. This is truly a mainstream tool for Hams today.

Many logging programs now support LOTW, allowing you to export files that can be quickly uploaded. This morning I uploaded about 50 Contacts from this weekend’s North American QSO Party in about 2 minutes. Other than creating the export file, you just need to know your one password for signing the file. The process is very easy.

For me, LOTW does not replace the QSL card. There is still a place for getting unique cards from other Hams that you can put on display. But gone are the days where you have to box up hundreds of cards and ship them off for an award confirmation, risking damage or loss to those unique records.



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