RTTY Test with IC-7600 and MMTTY

I used the North American RTTY QSO Party this weekend to try and get MMTTY working with N1MM for RTTY using my IC-7600 radio. It took me about 2 hours to get it all working, and the result is good. Here is a quick screenshot


It is all nicely integrated. It was a little strange in how it setup the rig (using “LSB-D1” as the mode instead of RTTY), but I was able to work plenty of stations using about 30-40 watts. There is an instruction file on the N1MM Site specifically or using N1MM with the internal soundcard in the IC-7600. It was extremely helpful and you can find it here (it is the filename staring with IcomUSBCodec…). Kudos for the N1MM folks once again, for a great product and wealth of good documentation.

I also installed the digital mode module (DM-780) for Ham Radio Deluxe and used that for a couple hours to tune around with my K2 using an Internet remote connection. DM-780 is very nice and I will be using it for my casual digital mode operation, while I will use MMTTY when running in contest mode. What is really nice about DM-780 is the ability to quickly jump between signals in PSK mode.

The internal (computer-free) digital mode functions in the IC-7600 for RTTY and PSK are very nice, but these full-function software suites are real luxury. These are great software tools and the price is right (free.)

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