A Dipole that Covers the Entire 80 Meter Band with SWR less than 3:1

Many Hams use wire antennas, and most Hams use them at least for the HF Bands below 10 MHz. I have used Dipoles and ZS6BKW antennas for several years. I try to design the antennas for use with my Rig-internal Antenna Tuners, which mostly are able to match SWR mismatches up to 3:1. While it... Continue Reading →

First Trial of Horizontal Loop

I installed a prototype 40m Horizontal loop for testing in a recent contest. This was a test to see if a low-elevation loop would be useful for NVIS propagation, as I was trying to maximize the number of close-in stations I could work. If it showed promise, it might be something I would use for... Continue Reading →

It Really is all About Antennas

As I try to continually improve my Station, I keep coming back to the antennas. I have a couple very nice Radios, but I am still not very competitive in Contests, especially DX contests. I have always used mainly wire antennas and generally if I can hear them, I can work them. Now I know... Continue Reading →

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