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K2 Survives (apparently) the “Alpha Brick-on-the-Key” Test

You have probably seen that advertisement in the Ham magazines, where the Alpha Amp's toughness is shown by a brick on a hand key. Well I did something close to that this weekend with my K2, by accident of course.... Continue Reading →

N1MM and Rig Control Macros

I am using my K2 remotely with N1MM for CW operation and Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) for other modes. My problem was that I did not have good rig function control with N1MM. So I fnally started reading the N1MM... Continue Reading →

Remote Rig Access Latency Greatly Improved

I was operating my remote-access Elecraft K2 last week in a short Contest. In the past, I had to wait as much as 1-3 seconds for a single up/down change in operating frequency on Ham Radio Deluxe. This night,  it suddenly... Continue Reading →

K2 PTT-line is Tied to Key Line – AGAIN!

As I found out before, the Elecraft K2 uses the same signal line for PTT input and for one of the Key lines (dit I think). This is a royal pain when integrating into a more complex arrangement such as... Continue Reading →

Finally on-the-air with Remote Station

After working on configuring my Elecraft K2 for remote operation. I am finally on-the-air. I had been using it in receive-only mode while I completed a "dead-man" timer, that would shutdown the transmitter if I ever lose my Internet connection... Continue Reading →

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