This new Page will chronical my efforts to bring LINUX to the forefront in my Shack. As a frustrated WINDOWS User for many years, I find the constant “upgrades” (almost weekly now) and changes in WINDOWS to be a constant annoyance. I have been a LINUX user for many years, and every year or two, I revisit the possibility of moving my main Shack PC to LINUX. I know there are others who have done this, and it seems like time to get more serious about it.

I will be assembling a computer and installing LINUX and select software from the Ham community that will run on LINUX. I know this is a limited set of applications, but it is time to start down a path that could be an alternative to WINDOWS. I realize that there are some apps that I want to run that will never run on LINUX, so I will still have a WINDOWS computer, but I would like to transition that to be the secondary machine in the Shack.

This Page will be an evolving  work-in-progress, but I will keep the Page public, for anyone that wants to follow my progress, or make suggestions (highly welcome!)

One of my first questions – is there an email Group for Ham Software for LINUX? If so, where? If not, why not??

Ham Applications for LINUX

The first step is to survey existing Ham app LINUX. Since Contesting is my primary Ham activity, I will start there. I have been a loyal user of N1MM+ for several years, and have said many times that it is the best (and best supported) free software I have ever seen. unfortunately the N1MM+ Team has made the decision that they will not support LINUX. I see claims that it may be possible to run N1MM+ under the WINE WINDOWS compatibility appllication, so I will consider that option. Where I mention N1MM+ here, it will be in the context of running under WINE on LINUX..


So2sdr Contest Logger by N4OGW


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  1. Linux is fun and cool! It’s a great way to learn computers.I am kind of taken back when I discovered any popular software don’t have a decent maintained software for Amateurr Radio Operators using Linux as their main operating system.
    Take the example of ‘Echolink’ for Linux .. Its ancient

    1. There are some LINUX Ham Apps out there and I plan to spend some time researching and trying them. I agree with you that it is a shame that more of the Ham Software developers do not take a path that would include making their Apps usable with LINUX.


      Tom, KG3V

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