LOTW – Ready for Prime Time??

I have been using the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) recently for confirmation of my radio contacts. I like the basic idea very much but I have been having some issues. After a recent contest, I uploaded a Log File. I waited 3 or 4 days and nothing happened. I uploaded again, waited a few days (actually over a week now), and still nothing. The contacts have not been added to my LOTW account.

I see that the ARRL LOTW Site says that LOTW is about 4 days behind but is processing files. When I hit “refresh” on my browser, it appears that they are only adding a few contacts per second to the LOTW database. If this is the case, I just do not see how this can be a tool that is used by tens-of-thousands of Hams around the world. I would expect a total meltdown of this system after the upcoming ARRL SSB Sweepstakes this weekend.

I have been trying to get my recent log file uploaded for about 2 weeks now, with no luck. This is really not a critical thing to me. I can wait. But I have to wonder if it is not time for a major upgrade of the LOTW system, if it is to really be used as a primary tool for confirming QSOs by the Ham community at large.


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