LOTW – Stepping Up to the Challenge

I see the ARRL really is serious about making LOTW a user-friendly, main-stream QSO confirmation tool. Recent delays have been disconcerting, and the infrequent status reports have made it difficult to know what is happening when you submit a Log. As I recently asked (and I am sure many others did too), they are now making frequent LOTW queue status reports available. I see mention of hourly updates on the Site. This is great, as we will no longer have to wonder what is happening with our submitted QSLs.

ARRL also reports that they are employing more developers to make LOTW a much faster service overall. We have seen recently that LOTW really needs a step up to a higher class of hardware and/or software (probably the latter) to sustain the growing numbers of QSL submissions by Amateurs worldwide. If you are a C Language developer, ARRL is also looking for more volunteers to help with the LOTW Programming efforts.




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