November Sweepstakes: Is this the year?

I have been operating in the ARRL CW November Sweepstakes for several years. It is the ultimate contest – long exchange, many stations active, and a fast pace. If you like contesting, there are many enjoyable contests, but this one is special in my book.

One thing that continues to elude me in ARRL CWSS is the “Clean Sweep.” That means a confirmed QSO with every Section in the US and Canada. I have come up a couple short every year. Maybe I will finally get them all this year. I will be going for a personal high score but will be looking to finally get the Sweep.

My station for this year’s Contest:
SO2R (single operator, two radio) with an Icom IC-7600 and an Elecraft K2
Antennas – Two ZS6BKW antennas in orthogonal orientation (one hung East-to-West and one North-to-South), and an all-Band dipole/doublet
SO2R ControllerDX Doubler by TopTen – this is a great station controller for contest and casual use
Contesting softwareN1MM – just the best Contesting software you can get, and also the best free software I have seen for any application

Hope to C U in ARRL CWSS this weekend


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