Audio for Remote Station Ops

I have been trying several approaches to the audio interface for remote station operation. I have settled on TeamViewer for the remote session server/client. I tried using the VOIP integrated into TeamViewer with mixed results. I am able to reliably establish the session, but I have some problems with audio quality. So for mow, I... Continue Reading →

Remote Rig Operation with TeamViewer

I have been experimenting with remote operation of my K2 using the Internet for control and audio. So far I tried using VNC and WINDOWS Remote Desktop for connecting from my client computer to the remote station. Both basically worked, but have had reliability issues. Today I tried a new approach - a program called... Continue Reading →

Second Test of Remote Ham Station

Last weekend I set up all the pieces and got the station working remotely for receive only. I used it for several hours, but when I tried to connect a few days later, I could not access it. So it appears that one of my programs, probably VNC, is hanging the machine. So all the... Continue Reading →

First Remote Ops Experience

I had the radio all set up for remote control and receive audio. No transmit yet  - gotta "walk" first. I also have to setup the runaway-transmitter shutoff before I try remote transmit. Here is the setup I am using: Elecraft K2 Transceiver Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) rig-control software RealVNC and WINDOWS Remote Desktop for... Continue Reading →

Remote Ham Station Functions

The functions that have to be addressed to set up a remotely operated station include rig control, remote computer access, audio interfaces, and control interfaces. Here is a quick summary of the functions I need to remote my Elecraft K2: Rig Control - Ham Radio Deluxe is as application that can fully control the K2... Continue Reading →

Ham Station Remote Operation Project

I have been using a remote location for operating in some contests, because I can put up antennas, and basically do as I please without suffering the wrath of an invasive homeowners association. Since I can not erect antennas at my normal home location, I want to remotely operate the station, so I can use... Continue Reading →

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