Ham Station Remote Operation Project

I have been using a remote location for operating in some contests, because I can put up antennas, and basically do as I please without suffering the wrath of an invasive homeowners association. Since I can not erect antennas at my normal home location, I want to remotely operate the station, so I can use it like I am sitting there, but from another Internet-connected location. This is nothing new. I see there are numerous people that have done this. There is some great software available for all the necessary functions to do this.

My plan is to start cheap/simple first. I know you can go pay $500 and get a box that connects to a rig and lets you use it remotely, but that is not what I have in mind. I may do that at some point to see how it compares to other approaches, but I want to start with a basic approach using remote desktop software and a PC.

The station will use my Elecraft K2 for the rig. Since it has a built-in computer interface, like most mdern rigs,  I already have the main piece of hardware at my disposal. I use N1MM software for all of my contesting needs. But for this project, I need an application that is meant to control a radio. Ham Radio Deluxe is a rig control program I have heard about many times. I took a quick look and it looks like it has everything I need. I am going to give it a try and see if I can control the rig remotely using this software. Then I will get to the other issues like the audio interface and control of the power to the rig in the event of a problem. This is required by the FCC and I will discuss it later.

The goal is total remote control of the station for phone and CW use. When I say CW I do not mean typing at a keyboard. I have nothing against keyboard CW, but that is not really CW for me. I want to be able to use a key or keyer at the remote operating position.


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