First “Remote” QSO Success

I finally got the Transmit audio interface together and connected and started assembling the “dead man” timer. The timer is required on a remote Ham station to stop a runaway transmitter after it is on the air for 3 minutes.

Skype seems to work fine for the audio interface in both directions. I got good audio reports and had a solid 20-30 minute SSB QSO. Note that I was actually in the same room as the rig, but I was using the Internet connection. I was using a laptop with a headset and remotely operating the rig.

I had a small issue when I connected the Arduino board (using it for the dead-man timer) to the station control PC. The Arduino software install seems to have failed and it locked-up the PC. I had no time to work out the bug, so it has to wait until my next visit.

Merry Christmas.


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