A Dipole that Covers the Entire 80 Meter Band with SWR less than 3:1 – UPDATED 2/1/2021

Many Hams use wire antennas, and most Hams use them at least for the HF Bands below 10 MHz. I have used Dipoles and ZS6BKW antennas for several years. I try to design the antennas for use with my Rig-internal Antenna Tuners, which mostly are able to match SWR mismatches up to 3:1. While it... Continue Reading →

Antenna Damage from Tornado Near-miss

On the morning of August 4th 2020, a Tropical Storm passed through the Northern Neck area in Virginia. The storm sent an EF-2 tornado through our area in White Stone, starting in the Windmill Point area and traveling about 15.5 miles, passing by Kilmarnock. The tornado missed our house by about 1000 feet, but put... Continue Reading →

LOTW now has 1 Billion QSOs!

I just saw that the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) now contains records of over 1 Billion QSOs. That is impressive. When it started, I wondered if it would survive. It went through a period of slow-response, although I am not aware of any actual lost QSO records. Now it is mainstream. If you... Continue Reading →

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