WSJTX Caused FTDX3000 Blinking Green RX LED

I have been using WSJTX with Yaesu FTDX3000 for many months. It had been working fine, but the recent version 2.5.4 causes an issue with the Rig when I try to change Bands. If I use the WSJTX software to change Bands, there is a relay click and the RX LED starts to blink. While this is happening, the receiver appears to be deaf. I can “fix” the problem by pressing the RX LED. Then everything seems to return to normal. If I make my Band changes on the radio manually, I do not have this problem.

This appears to be a well-known and widely reported issue. I had been using earlier versions of WSJTX without experiencing this issue.

A Temporary Fix

There is a new version of WSJTX available on the Web Site that does NOT exhibit this behavior. The new version is a release candidate for version 2.6.0. These versions are considered interim versions and they are only useable for a coouple months, but this seems like the best available fix for now.

The ultimate fix should be included in the version that eventually becomes Release 2.6.0 so you will want to get that when it becomes available.


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