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DXDUSB – DX Doubler USB Interface Update

DXDUSB Development Status I have had some requests to provide DXDUSB prototypes to¬† couple people. The latest prototype (Protot3) is still very rough. I have a couple in ongoing testing and they seem to be working well. However, these are... Continue Reading →

VA QSO Party 2016 – Two for the Road

I went mobile again for the 2016 Virginia QSO Party, using the callsign KT4KA. I use that callsign so as not to confuse everyone when calling CQ (with my normal "3"call). The goal this year was to beat last year,... Continue Reading →

It Really is all About Antennas

As I try to continually improve my Station, I keep coming back to the antennas. I have a couple very nice Radios, but I am still not very competitive in Contests, especially DX contests. I have always used mainly wire... Continue Reading →

USB For DX Doubler First Prototype

I recently completed testing of the first prototype of the USB interface for DX Doubler using N1MM+ software. This was a rough prototype, so it isn't pretty but it does seem to work fine. It currently handles RX and TX... Continue Reading →

VA QSO Party 2015 – Plaque Sponsorship

I have the opportunity this year, for the first time, to sponsor an award plaque for the 2015 VA QSO Party. The plaque I will be sponsoring is for the Single Operator Station that works the most VA Counties and... Continue Reading →

2014 ARRL Sweepsatakes – Much Fun but no Sweeps

I enjoyed working the ARRL Sweepstakes again this year. I operated in both CW and Phone this year. My major effort was in CW, where I managed a personal high score, finally breaking the 100K point barrier. For several years... Continue Reading →

ARRL Sweepstakes CW (SSCW) 2014

Here we go again. Time for ARRL Sweepstakes CW (SSCW) 2014. Same plan as always - main objective is to get a personal high score. Secondary objective is to get that elusive "clean sweep" - all US and Canada Sections... Continue Reading →

November Sweepstakes: Is this the year?

I have been operating in the ARRL CW November Sweepstakes for several years. It is the ultimate contest - long exchange, many stations active, and a fast pace. If you like contesting, there are many enjoyable contests, but this one... Continue Reading →

Sweepstakes Results for 2012

Well I kept up the time-honored tradition of missing 1 or 2 Sections in the CW SS contest this year. Had about 575 QSOs (a personal best) and all but 2 Sections - MB and NNY. I never had trouble... Continue Reading →

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