VA QSO Party 2016

I plan to go mobile again this year for the VA QSO Party in March. This is an enjoyable contest with lots of activity. You will probably see every County and City in the State activated at some point over the weekend. I will be using the callsign KT4KA/M so as not to confuse people... Continue Reading →

Get on 160m with your 80m dipole

I was recently reminded that I can use my 80 meter Dipole antenna to get on 160 meters. I have heard that in the past, but thought it would be shaky, narrow-bandwidth, RFI problems, etc. Well I recently acquired a MFJ-927 remote antenna tuner so I thought I would give it a try. There was... Continue Reading →

Loss of a Ham Friend, KG4YLZ

On the day Before Christmas I was told of the passing of Jim, KG4YLZ. Jim was one of those people you just enjoyed seeing and talking with. He never had anything bad to say about anyone, and he always seemed genuinely interested in what you were up to in the Hobby. Jim was an active... Continue Reading →

DX Doubler USB-only Interface

I have been using the DX Doubler (DXD) by Top Ten devices as my central Station controller. This box is widely known as an SO2R box for Contesters using two radios, but it is a great solution for anyone with two radios who wants to use a single Mike, Headset, Keyer, etc. Instead of buying... Continue Reading →

In Contests, Seconds Count

I attended a Meeting and Food Fest at the NR4M "Goat Farm" today. This is the location of an incredible Multi-Multi Ham Station like nothing I have ever seen before. It is one of the Flagship Stations of the Potomac Valley Radio Club PVRC, which I joined last November. There was a great bunch of... Continue Reading →

IC-7600 V2 Firmware Upgrade – FINALLY!

I have been complaining that ICOM has not provided any software upgrade for the IC-7600 in the three years I have owned mine. In the past year, they offered upgrades for both of the "bigger" transceivers in the family, the IC-7700 and IC-7800. So I was hoping they would give us something for our 7600... Continue Reading →

ARRL DX CW Contest

Last weekend I worked the 2015 ARRL CW DX contest. I could not put in a full-time effort, so I entered in the "Assisted" category. This allows you to use a Telnet (or other) spotting service that provides a realtime list of active stations that you can work. It also highlights potential new multipliers. I... Continue Reading →

IC-7000 and N1MM Interfacing

Getting prepared for the upcoming VA QSO Party (check it out if you want to work a great contest this March). My plan is to operate mobile this year using an IC-7000. I used it in the past with N1MM just for frequency control. This year I plan to use N1MM again, but adding the... Continue Reading →

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