FTDX3000 USB Interface with N1MM+

This note is to help you setup your FTDX3000 with N1MM+ using WINDOWS (I am using WINDOWS 7). I am using only the USB interface. So the Radio has one cable to the PC, the USB cable.

BEFORE YOU CONNECT THE USB CABLE, install the FTDX3000 USB Driver from Yaesu using the instructions that come with the Driver. Once you have done that, you should be able to identify the correct COM port in the WINDOWS Device Manager. Two COM ports are created when the Driver is installed. The one you will use for the PC interface will say “Enhanced.”

The first thing to do is to make sure the “CAT” MENU selections on the FTDX3000 are correct. These should be set as follows:

  1. Menu # 037 CAT SELECT –  USB
  2. Menu # 038 CAt RATE – 38400 bps
  3. Menu # 039 CAT TIMEOUT TIMER – 1000 msec
  4. Menu # 040 CAT RTS – DISABLE

It is very easy to get this setup. It is just a matter of loading the USB Driver, connecting the USB cable, then getting 3 things in sync; N1MM Port settings, FTDX3000 Menu Settings, and PC Port Settings.

I recommend using the suggested settings from N1MM. When N1MM suggests a configuration, it is usually safe to use it. The screenshot below displays the Port settings from the N1MM Config Menu. This is the screen you see when you select SET next to the COM Port which has been connected to the FTDX3000 N1MM Port Setting FTDX3000 This shows the N1MM Port settings (the first 6 boxes). I am using a 2-radio setup, That is why you see “Right Window” and “Radio Nr2” here. The last thing to do is to get the PC Port settings correct for the COM Port you are using,

The values of all three (CAT MENU settings, N1MM Port settings and PC Port settings) must match for any communication to take place between the PC and the Radio. Finally, go into the Device Manager in the WINDOWS Control Panel and find the COM Port you will be using. It should be under COM and LPT Ports. Right-click “Properties” and you should see a screen like the one below: USB PC Settings FTDX3000

The settings shown should work. Hope this all works out for you. If this helped you, please let me know. If it did not help, please let me know why.


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    1. I did not have to do anything special when I moved to WINDOWS10. I think I just went to the Yaesu Site and downloaded a driver they recommend. Actually I may have just went right to the FTDI Site and got their latest. You have to be sure to get the right one, I think they call it the “VCP” Driver

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