Roof Tower RT-424

I have been looking at a way to get a Yagi on my roof. No room for a big tower at my QTH, but something on the roof is within reason. I have been looking at the Glen Martin Roof Towers, particularly the smaller Glen Martin RT-424 Roof Tower. It is a 4.5 foot tall, four-legged “quad pod.” The prices on these have suddenly been reduced substantially, so I finally placed an order.

I received the package a couple days ago. Today I decided to put it together. It is a lousy day here anyway, so I will build it in the garage. The box was surprisingly small. They did a good packaging job. Just a bunch of pieces of machined aluminum, a shrink-wrapped container of hardware and a 4-page manual.

Looking at reviews on eHam, it appears to be a good quality item, with not-so-great instructions. With a couple pictures in the manual, it looks like is should be fairly easy to build.

I will post some of my findings as I put it together. Hopefully everything I need is there. I still need to find a rotor for the rooftop setup. The antenna will be a used C3S 10/15/20 meter yagi that I bought a few months ago. This will be the first yagi I have had in a station for many years, so it should be fun.

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