Rig Expert Antenna Analyzer

Got a new Antenna Analyzer to use in my continuing attempts to improve the antenna situation at KG3V. I have had a great run with my old MFJ analyzer but I needed to get something that could save measurements to a PC. I got a Rig Expert Unit that covers up to 230 MHz. Here is a Link to the manufacturers info. Just did some basic checkout and it looks like a great tool.

With the Rig Expert in the shack, I evaluated my two main antennas in about 10 minutes; a ZS6BKW and a ground-mounted vertical. No big surprises, but I wanted to save a baseline. With the unit connected tot he PC, I quickly ran SWR scans and saved plots for  each Ham Band. No big surprises were found.

I have only used the SWR scans so far and will need to try out the many other modes soon. I’ll post some results of my antenna work here in the near future. Now that is so easy to make and save the measurements, I can spend my time where it is really needed – retuning and refurbishing the old antennas, and building and installing some new ones.



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