DXDUSB Update – Now Available

I have completed all the development I plan to do on the DXDUSB interface which allows using any USB Port to interface to a DX Doubler SO2R controller. I now have a stable version and will make available DXDUSB units to anyone that wants them. With the end-of-life announcement of the DX Doubler, I do not currently plan to make any additional changes to the DXDUSB hardware or software. If you are looking to obtain DXDUSB units, please let me know either through this blog or at my email address:

mycallsign@chesbayva.com   – substitute my  callsign in the email address

I only plan to sell fully assembled units and will include the FTDI USB–>Serial cable that is needed (a Cisco Rollover cable). These will be built-to-order and will take approximately 2 weeks to deliver from the date of order.



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