Time Out for the Virginia QSO Party

The VA QSO Party will take place next weekend, and I invite you to participate if you have the time and interest. We would love to see the number of participant increase this year. There has been a pretty good turnout recently, and last year it seemed like we had a higher-than-normal number of out-of-state participants. That might have been because there seemed to be no HF propagation between VA stations on Saturday. Hopefully the conditions are better this year.

I will be running in a Mobile Expedition this year. I have operated Mobile for several years and really enjoyed that, but I want to try something a little different this year. I plan to install a complete SO2R station in the vehicle this year, and see how that works out. My goal is to have two HF antennas available, so I can be on the best two Bands at any time. I ill also plan to get to Skyline Drive (weather permitting) to get some VHF/UHF action.

Please check out the VA QSO Party if you get a chance. There is a great spotting network at www.qsoparty.com that is available to anyone. That site is graciously provided for us all by John, KX4O – thanks John!

Hope to see you next weekend. All my other projects take a short vacation for now.



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