FT8 – A “Different” Mode for me

I have been operating some FT8 over the past few months. Technically, I find the mode very interesting as I have worked in Digital Communications for many years. But it sure is a change for Ham Radio. The only thing close to this that I have worked is probably RTTY, and I dabbled in some prior Digital modes (PSK31, etc.) just a bit.

For me, this is the Mode for when I am doing something else. If I am working on a programming or hardware project, or I am in-and-out of the shack all day, I put up FT8 and occasionally check the “colors.” Doing this, I am approaching DXCC and it won’t be very long till I have accidental Worked All States. So that takes care of what used to be a years-long challenge in the Hobby.

One good thing I can say about this Mode, is that it is very S L O W. The good thing about that is my taking to time to check out the QRZ Page for nearly every station I work. That has been interesting. Another positive about the Mode is that it seems to be peaking the interest of some new Hams. I have been working with one new Ham that is now getting into the Hobby primarily through FT8, and he is thrilled about it.

I will continue to work FT8 on-the-side, but will will be primarily working CW with a little Phone and RTTY as my “Main Modes.”

What do you think?


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