Options for using the IC-7600 on RTTY with a PC

There has been a bit of discussion on the IC-7600 newsgroup about using FSK vs. AFSK when connecting a computer to the radio. Here is a summary that I posted in that group. Hopefully it will help some others get a kick-start on the process: I found what I think is a good summary of... Continue Reading →

RTTY Test with IC-7600 and MMTTY

I used the North American RTTY QSO Party this weekend to try and get MMTTY working with N1MM for RTTY using my IC-7600 radio. It took me about 2 hours to get it all working, and the result is good. Here is a quick screenshot It is all nicely integrated. It was a little strange... Continue Reading →

IC-7600 After a few months

I have now been using the IC-7600 for about 5 months. It has not been used heavily the entire time, but I have used it hard during several contests. Overall I am very impressed. The menus are very intuitive, rarely causing me to "RTFM." The display is as good as any I have ever seen... Continue Reading →

IC-7600 Antenna Tuner Testing

I did a bit of testing with 2 wire antennas this weekend. Here is a summary of the results, which I also posted to the IC-7600 e-mail reflector: The antennas: 1 - A "long" 80m Dipole, ladder line, 4:1 balun, then a long coax run to the rig 2 - A fan dipole with 80/40/20... Continue Reading →

Icom IC-7600 Added to the Shack

I have been looking to purchase a new rig for some time and finally decided to go with the Icom IC-7600. I was torn between this rig, the Elecraft K3, and the Yaesu FT-2000 (because I can not afford the FTDX-5000). For my needs, this is the best of the three. and I will maintain... Continue Reading →

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