Passing of L.B. Cebik

I just heard that L.B. Cebik has died. The amateur community has lost a real antenna expert and a prolific writer. I never knew L.B. but have spent many hours on his website reading his articles, and using his antenna models.

He recently published an interesting article about a short-boom yagi for 6 meters. I wrote an e-mail to him telling him that I found the article interesting, and was thinking about building the antenna. However, I really did not want it for the wide bandwidth that he had in mind. My application was more to leverage the small antenna profile for a high-wind environment. In a day or two, he responded with a slight redesign of the elements to maximize performance in the portion of the band I needed.

Sorry I never got to meet the man, but I know he will be sorely missed in the amateur community.


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