Surface Mount Assembly

I now have most of the parts for the NUE PSK modem, so it is time to setup for assembly. This uses SMT parts, so it will require some careful soldering. Instead of starting with the ICs (one-of-a-kind and many leads), I am trying the caps first. Starting witht the 1206 size caps, which are huge by SMT standards, should let me get going with minimal risk.

OK, I got about 10 done. My magnifying light is  piece of junk. It is hard to keep in one place. guess a $ 25 inspection lamp is not adaquate for SMT assembly. But I got the caps down. I had read that I might not need to add solder but that doesn;t work for me. I like to tack down one side, then go back and put some solder on bothe ends. Probably too much solder, but I don’t see how that can hurt anything,


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