Just getting around to continuing assembly of NUE-PSK modem. Latest work included soldering SMT diodes (very small), electrolytic caps, and chip capacitors. These are all 2-lead packages. I found that the easiest way to mount all of these components was to do the following:

1.Put a drop of solder flux on each pad for the part

2. Put a very small amount of solder on one pad for the device

3. Position the board so you can see both of the pads for the device

4. Place the part, making sure both leads line up with the center of corresponding pads

5. Press down on the part, holding it in place and assuring contact between the leads and pads

6. Reheat the solder on the pad where solder was added (the part should now be holding to the one pad)

7. Add a very small amount of solder to the other pad

8. Press on the part and reheat the solder on the second pad

9. Return to the first pad and reheat briefly to make sure a good connection was achieved.

This sounds like alot of work but is really fairly easy. A good magnifying loop, small solder (.015″ or .020″ diameter), and a small soldering iron tip are indespensible for SMT work.