Realtek 8187b USB/WiFi in LINUX

Well I have been trying to get a WiFi card working with Fedora LINUX, and not having much luck. I tried a Netgear card and a Belkin card. Neither worked because I could not find a LINUX driver. There is a package called NDISWRAPPER that allows you to use WINDOWS XP drivers under LINUX. That sounded like a great answer. Unfortunately it would not build on my Fedora 9 or Fedora 10 (Preview version). So I am off to a new card.

The new card is a nice little USB dongle that does WiFi and has connection for an external antenna. It even has a LINUX driver on the CD. Well, sounds great, but it looks like another battle is forthcoming. The thing works great under XP, and looks like it works with SUSE LINUX on my laptop. I bought it to use with Fedora on my Development machine. First attempts got the basic card working but I had to manually install the driver and configure a bunch of settings by hand. Not what I had in mind, but stay tuned, this may work yet.


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  1. I am trying to get a Realtek 8187 usb wifi to work with linux knoppix/ubuntu. I am new to linux and it has been a long time since I have used dos.
    I have the cd with the linux folder that came with the device but I am at a loss how exactly to build the modules and what exactly goes onto the command line. Do I need a separate new directory for the driver to be?
    I’ve read a lot of posts, I know I am close to doing this but oh so far.

    It works great with xp and was simple to configure. With some good advice I’m sure I can get it to work with linux and leave windowland.


  2. Most LINUX installation follows a simple formula. Download the zipped .tar file, uncompress it to a directory – and it will create its own folder, then compile it. There is almost always a README file and a file called INSTALL. They will show you exactly how to compile and install the driver.

    My Realtek card works with Suse but not with Fedora (so far). So beware, it may depend upon what distribution you are using.

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