Well I have been trying to get a WiFi card working with Fedora LINUX, and not having much luck. I tried a Netgear card and a Belkin card. Neither worked because I could not find a LINUX driver. There is a package called NDISWRAPPER that allows you to use WINDOWS XP drivers under LINUX. That sounded like a great answer. Unfortunately it would not build on my Fedora 9 or Fedora 10 (Preview version). So I am off to a new card.

The new card is a nice little USB dongle that does WiFi and has connection for an external antenna. It even has a LINUX driver on the CD. Well, sounds great, but it looks like another battle is forthcoming. The thing works great under XP, and looks like it works with SUSE LINUX on my laptop. I bought it to use with Fedora on my Development machine. First attempts got the basic card working but I had to manually install the driver and configure a bunch of settings by hand. Not what I had in mind, but stay tuned, this may work yet.