NUE-PSK Modem – First Breath

Well I finally got a chance to try the modem. Fired it up and it works fine – on Receive. Very nice and easy to use. The spectral display shows you where all the signals are and adjusting the volume for good copy was very easy. Unfortunately I have a problem on transmit. The CONFIG menu says the TX Audio Level is 0%. That sounds bad

Fortunately, there is a rich resource for help in the NUE-PSK news group (here). I posted my symptoms there and quickly got a detailed troubleshooting guide for my problem for both of the developers of ths NUE-PSK Modem. You won’t get better support than this. Now I have some bench work to do. I am hoping it is not a soldering problem on the Processor. The lead spacing on it is VERY small and I do not look forward to doing any touch-up soldering there.


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