“Updgrading WINDOWS XP” – a Walk Through Hell

Well my main Shack PC was running XP.  It is “no longer supported” by Microsoft – which may mean it is finally stable. I was going to just keep it, but the Microsoft-subservient software vendors do not make updates for XP. This is their part in helping M$ to force you to upgrade. So I decided to go ahead and upgrade to WINDOWS 7. What a nightmare. As is typical of WINDOWS, you lose all of your programs when you “upgrade.” That is because they are more concerned about piracy then they are about the convenience of their user. When you are a monopoly, you can do that. We all use WINDOWS because we have to, not because it is the best product in the marketplace, which of course, it is NOT.

So I bought many new components – may as well update the old hardware at the same time. Once I realized I had to get a more powerful power supply, it all seemed to work fairly well. That is if you can call losing all of your programs “Fairly well.” But it worked fairly well considering it is WINDOWS.

“Fairly well”ended when I connected to the Internet. M$ thought it should do 104 updates to WINDOWS that I had just installed – seriously, there are 104 updates that they consider to be important, since my OS DVD arrived on the shelf of MicroCenter – where you should buy all of your PC hardware and software. Once it was nearly finished with the 104 updates, it decided that it did not properly install them. So now the PC is telling me to please wait, while it undoes all of the changes. Wouldn’t you think they would check something before they start the updates, to see if they can properly install them??? I’ll bet this 104-update fun is not over.

I am sure I will get the “upgrade” done eventually. Took me about 8 hours so far. When (if) they get all the updates right, I will spend 6 hours or so reinstalling all of the important Applications. Somewhere, Bill Gates is laughing …. The good news is that I know the LINUX install will only take about an hour, and it will install everything properly.


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