ARRL Sweepstakes CW (SSCW) 2014

Here we go again. Time for ARRL Sweepstakes CW (SSCW) 2014. Same plan as always – main objective is to get a personal high score. Secondary objective is to get that elusive “clean sweep” – all US and Canada Sections in one weekend. I have been within 1 or 2 sections the last several years, with Nebraska being the holdout last year. Never even heard it! Yes, really, NEBRASKA. Oh well..

I always like to try a new antenna or 2 for SS. This year I may  need them as the forecast is for high winds nearly all weekend. Got 4 antennas and two radios for the hunt this year.

  1. 80m dipole, ladder line fed, usable on all other HF Bands as a doublet
  2. ZS6BKW oriented E-W
  3. ZS6BKW offset 45 degrees from antenna #2
  4. 6BTV Vertical on a pier over the Chesapeake Bay

The radios are an ICOM IC-7600 and an Elecraft K2

I have no idea how I will do in terms of score, but I know I will have fun. Hopefully one or two of the antennas will still be standing when Sunday night gets here.


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