RTTY with FTDX-3000 and MMTTY

I have finally gotten this setup working fine and decided to save all the details. You can find a description, along with all of the screen TABS from MMTTY set to get this working on the Digital Modes Page on this Site. Good Luck! Here is how it looks once I got it all together.

MMTTY Display Screen_working


2 thoughts on “RTTY with FTDX-3000 and MMTTY

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  1. Tom, thanks for this page. I had been having all kinds of problems getting my 3000 set up with MMTTY, such as it would key but only give a single tone, then sometimes would not key at all, etc. But following your screen grabs I reset a few settings and everything worked immediately and I was able to work the WPX contest this past weekend with N1MM+ and MMTTY with no problems .


    1. Brad,

      Great to hear this helped someone. I know the setup is complicated. When I am not on RTTY for awhile, I still have to come back to these notes to get things working again. 73, Tom

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