DXDUSB DX Doubler USB Interface – 2nd Prototype

The 2nd prototype of the DXDUSB Interface has been completed. I ran it hard through the recent NAQP CW contest, and it did very well. Now it is just a matter of finalizing the software (of course software is never really “final”). Here is a look at the 2nd prototype


Next i will be designing a custom printed circuit board for the interface. This has been a fun project so far. The final product will allow me to use my DX Doubler SO2R controller box with a USB interface, without spending a fortune. This will make it possible to use the great DXD controller with any computer. I may use it with a laptop when I go on my annual VA QSO Party mobile trek in March. Full details of the DXDUSB project will continue to be posted to the SO2R page on this site.


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