Updating FTDX-3000 Firmware

I finally decided it was time to update my FTDX-3000 to the latest Firmware. Yaesu has been good about making updates available for this Rig. Recent updates have greatly improved the spectral display including adding a nice waterfall below it, and added access to the 5 MHz Band using the Band buttons on the front panel.

After the upgrade, I will have the following installed:

MAIN V01-23

DSP     V05-55 (already had this installed)

TFT     V02-2

FFT      V81-0 (already had this installed)

Based upon my current configuration, I only have to install 2 upgrades, MAIN and TFT. Instructions say to install the MAIN first. It is always a little scary when upgrading the basic firmware on a complex device like a Ham Radio Transceiver. All the needed files are on the Yaesu Site in the “FILES” section on the FTDX-3000 Page. Note that there are two documents needed – one shows you how to determine your current versions (basically with a powerd-OFF Rig, just hold down all three of the GEN/50/ENT keys and then press and hold the PWR button), and the other goes step-by-step through the upgrade process.

The instructions are fairly detailed and were not difficult to follow. My only complaint is when they say something like “Press and Hold the -PWR- button, while also holding the following buttons…” They DO tell you to read all the instructions carefully and fully before starting the process. If you jumped the gun and just help the PWR button, no harm would be done, so I guess it is not a big deal.

The main thing you need to know before starting is the COM Port number for the “ENHANCED” COM Port that is connected to your PC. Assuming the USB Drivers have already been installed, 2 Ports were created, a STANDARD and an ENHANCED Port. The ENHANCED Port is the one that is used for Programming and it should have the higher Port number. In my case, the 2 Ports were COM5 and COM6, with COM6 being the Enhanced Port. You will have to tell the upgrade software which Port to use. I Found that the WINDOWS Device Manager includes “ENHANCED” in the name of the correct Port.

Following the Yaesu Firmware Upgrade instructions exactly, led to everything going as planned. The one funny thing here, is that I can not reach the FTDX-3000 keyboard and the master 12 VDC power supply at the same time, so I needed an assistant to help me get the Rig in to the Programming Mode. If that is the biggest issue, I should be in good shape.

Got the MAIN done and just completed the TFT update.

OOPS – one little problem is that the new MAIN reset all of my MENU settings to the current defaults for the new software. Actually I expected that, and decided to let it go, then go through and review and change any needed settings. If this worries you, you will need to see if there is a way to LOAD/SAVE setting using a File on your PC. I would think there should be, but am not sure about that.

The upgrade seems to have worked and I immediately found settings for the Waterfall disply. They did a very nice job integrating it with the SCOPE. This is something I should have done some time ago, but this was the first time I was in the shack and willing to risk losing my Radio for some period of time.

I will post an update after I mess with the Rig for awhile and see how the update works.






8 thoughts on “Updating FTDX-3000 Firmware

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    1. Mike,
      Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to look at mu Blog post. I agree that the FTDX-3000 upgrade process could be more user-friendly. BUT, they did provide the important ability to continue to improve the radio after purchase, and their upgrades have been flawless and added great functionality. I have only upgraded the Rig twice since I bought it. The FTDX-3000 functions and user-interface I use regularly are a pleasure to use. It is hard for me to imagine a better rig for-the-money. So I will take this trade-off, but hope they do make the upgrade process a little easier in the next generation. Maybe that will be in the next upgrade!

      73, Tom

    1. I believe the MONITOR Setting (035) in the Menues does this. There are many settings, but most of them rarely need to be changed. I suggest going through the long list in the Manual, and circle the ones you think you might want frequent access to.

      73, Tom

  1. hi folks .. a mate of mine changed some settings in the hidden menu on his yaesu ftdx 3000 .. he didnt take a copy of his orginal settings and now his rf meter dosent work .. is it possible to reset the settings back to their orginal settings in the hidden menu by default .. many thanks in advance .. aiden

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