Important N1MM+ Antenna Config Changes

I just installed the latest version on N1MM+. I have been looking at using the Antenna Data provided by N1MM+ for controlling my antenna switching. In the latest version, the Change Log shows two changes that were made to the Antenna Configuration table:

  1. Alt-F9: Fix issue with 1.8 and 3.5 in Antenna table when country/locale is expecting 1,8 and 3,5. (SQ7D) (Coded by N2IC)
  2. Alt-F9: Will not skip over antennas that are in use by the other radio. (SQ7D) (Coded by N2IC)

The risk is that if you are using two radios, older versions of N1MM+ will not avoid letting you select the Radio1 antenna when you are switching through antennas for Radio2. If you are using Antenna Data from N1MM+, you will want to have at least this latest version of N1MM+ installed:

Version 1.0.6868 Date 24 October 2017

Glad to see they fixed  these issues and thanks to Matt SQ7D for finding them. This might also confirm my impression that this data is not yet being used by many people.

Lucky for me, this was just in time for my testing of the initial AntDecoder prototype with a 2X6 antenna switch that was generously provided by a fellow PVRC Club Member, Mike K4GMH.



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