Welcome to the KG3V Ham Radio blog. On this Site I will post notes about my efforts to build, use, and improve my Ham Radio equipment. Ham Radio is a hobby with too many facets to mention here. My primary interests related to Amateur Radio include:

  • Experimenting with HF antennas
  • Contest operating
  • Remote operation of Ham Radio Stations
  • Building equipment
  • Digital communication modes
  • Meeting other Hams and learning about their experiences in the Hobby

If you are new to the hobby and want to learn more about Ham Radio, take a look at the ARRL, the main organization devoted to Ham Radio in the United States.

Our local Ham club, the Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA) also provides a great deal of information about Ham Radio on its Web Page. KX4O, one of our members, also has a very informative and instructional Site covering Ham Radio topics.

My primary mode of operation is CW. Morse Code may be an old operating mode, but it is still useful today. Its narrow bandwidth makes it a great way to get messages through even in poor conditions that may often be encountered on the HF Bands. I recently joined the CWOPS group, that encourages the use of CW and provides on-air activities and training for those interested in learning or improving CW skills. CWOPS has a strong International base of CW operators.